Internationale Auszeichnungen für Stein Musik Harmonizer

Musik Positive Feedback Brutus Award 2012:
Dave Clark: “Dynamics, clarity, palpable presence, excitement, definition, air, decay, extension, articulation, less distortion, louder, quieter, 3D soundstage, natural, rich, texture, warm, fast, transmission, timbre, immersion, space, tactile, engagement, propulsion, ease, etc… everything is there in abundance… everything is here. And in a very good way.”

Positive Feedback Reviewer's Choice Award 2012:
“Stein Music delivers the goods with their well-made, scientifically verified, ultra sophisticated accessories that bring the audiophile ever closer to the performance in the room.”

Blue Note Award – Best of 2012 (
Dr. Bill Gaw: “The best piece of equipment I've reviewed this year is actually …the Stein H2 Harmonizers”


Stereotimes Most wanted Components Reviewer’s Choice Award 2011:
Mike Silverton: “The Harmonizers impart a soul-satisfying sense of dimensionality and body.”
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Daniel Plaßmann (
"Was Steinmusic hier anbietet, übertrifft - zumindest in unserem Hörraum - alle bislang von uns gehörten Unterschiede zwischen den Geräten. Die Musik wird auf eine Weise verändert, die so grundlegend und zugleich natürlich ist, dass man sich fragt, wie man es ohne Harmonizer überhaupt ausgehalten hat."
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Sam Tellig in Stereophile September 2011 on the Harmonizer system:
“My …speakers never sounded better”

Robert H. Levi, President of the LA/OC Audio Society:
“Once engaged, prepare yourself for the performance to come to life in your room like never before. In my opinion, there is nothing on the market even close to the importance and usefulness of the Harmonizers.”
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Dave Clark (
Audio Ramblings - The Stein Music Harmonizers, Stones, and Diamonds
“Don't consider them a tweak, but a necessary component for your system. One that will allow you to fully realize what your music can sound like. Holger is really onto to something here… something really wonderful.”
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Mike Silverton (
"A feeling of energy likewise applies. The sounds are more momentous. I perceive more meat on the image’s bones."
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Clement Perry (
“The H2, in my opinion, is nothing short of breathtaking.”
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Dan Secula (
“I was immediately taken aback by the transformation of sound that began as soon as the music started up,… The sensation that something special was occuring never went away. First, there was an enormous increase in the size and layering of the sound coming from around, in front of, and behind my loudspeakers. The Harmonizers created an even better holographic effect on the soundstage compared to what I formally had.”
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Ron Cook (
“In the world of the high-end, every once in a while, a product comes along that is so inherently good in what it does that it literally, “changes the game” in some meaningful way. The Steinmusic Harmonizer System is such a product. One thing is certain; this is not a tweak that you have to listen to for days in order to determine if you REALLY hear an improvement in your system. This type of change hits you like the proverbial “ton-of-bricks.” It’s simply magical.”
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Dr. Bill Gaw (
“Then they turned on the four units, and the side and front walls disappeared, with the room suddenly becoming several feet wider and deeper, extending through the front wall to my back yard. In addition, one could almost hear the roof of the cathedral become a solid object, and the hall ambiance extending for about four feet behind me before disappearing.”
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Blue Note Award – Best of 2011 (
Wayne Donnelly: "The properly dialed-in Steinmusic system has transformed my listening room with dramatically improved tonal beauty, harmonic completeness and dramatic new levels of clarity and intelligibility of vocal and instrumental performances. Leave your prejudices behind, and try something genuinely new–you won’t be sorry.”

Wayne Donnelly (
“The audible evidence that the Steinmusic Harmonizer system is a superior room conditioning product is inarguable, and the ability to achieve a glorious-sounding listening room without the need for those big ugly traps and diffusers cinches the deal!”
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Kai Ekholm (
“I'd recommend Steinmusic Harmoziners to all experienced audiophiles who are ready to enter into a new zone of audio pleasure without prejudices.”
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Image-HiFi about SteinMusic Master Class SP 1.1:
"Die Art aber, wie die SP1.1 in ihrem Bereich agiert, ist schlicht atemberaubend."


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